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How aerial work platforms operate in rainy weather is safer


 How aerial work platforms operate in rainy weather is safer .

First, we must adhere to calm, rainy days, the road is more slippery, the driver should be calm when driving, just drive as usual, do not panic because of the wetland, although in the rainy day to be more careful, but beware can not become panic.

Second, when you want to use the right amount of force, if you encounter any situation in the process of driving, when you need to brake or hit the turntable, you must remember not to use too much force so that the car will have the opposite effect, and you must properly step on the brakes according to its inertial condition, adhere to the stability of the vehicle, and prevent the situation of wheel death.

Third, in the rainy day to adhere to the clear vision, if the field of vision is not clear will occur a lot of accidents, the normal work of the wiper is very important, so in the usual maintenance of the car to pay attention to frequent check whether the wiper can be intact, etc., whether it can have vibration and abnormal noise when working, whether it can be aging, etc. If there is a problem, stop the maintenance in time.

electric trackless carts

Fourth, when driving on the road, pay attention to a certain distance with the car in front, do not follow the car too tightly, and see the environment conducive to my own driving. Otherwise, some splash will occur when the front car is driving at great speed, which will affect my vision and discrimination.

Aerial work vehicle in the aerial work platform is compared to a common use of tools, aerial work in the use of even when, there is fast, and easy to move, but the use of aerial work platform it needs to run around. Therefore, drivers who drive aerial work platforms need to have good driving skills. Especially on rainy days, high-altitude drivers are better than risky when driving.


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