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Synchronize Operation Electric Transfer Cart with Lifting Table

  • Load Capacity : 75 tons
  • Customized Deck : Hydraulic Lifting Platform
  • Rail Gauge : 1435 / Customized
  • Corlor and Logo : Customized as per Need
  • Running Speed : 0-25 m / min
  • Working Time : No Limited

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■ Overview
Synchronize Operation Electric Transfer Cart with Lifting Table
Brief Introduction:
The synchronize operation electric transfer carts are used to carry bridge girder and construction machine from one plant to the convector section. It is self-propelled type, the power source is 220V/380V/415V AC power. The transfer carts designed for twinning. It means that the two electric transfer cart will woking together during the same time. 
Double flange, straight tread wheels are provided for travel motion, forged wheel sets 35CrMo,conditioning and surface hardening treatment.
Power supply: storage battery, cable reeling drum, insulated festoon cable or covered shrouded bus bar even the diesel.

Electric Transfer Cart Advantages:
• High temperature proof;
• With elevating platforms;
• Famous brand; 
• Speed can be adjustable;
 Stop at fixed point;

transfer cartelectric transfer cart
transfer cartrail transfer cart

■ Technical Data
Electric Transfer Cart  Parameters

♦ Load capacity: 1-300t
♦ Table: It can be designed per cargo size
♦ Power supply mode:battery, cable, diesel, conductor rails
♦ Speed: Double speed 0-25m/min
♦ Running distance: Per your design

■ Application
Application of the Electric Transfer Cart
1, The transfer carts is used to transfer material and equipment from one location to another in factory or construction site;
2, It also can be used in the ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment,high-temperature condition and so on.
3, The electric transfer cart with lifting table is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc
from one location to another;
4, Paper roll plant, painting shops & blasting booth Other industries: shipbuilding, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops, etc.
rial cart  electric transfer cart

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