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Steel Mill Motorized Turning Transfer Carriage On Curved Tracks

  • Loading Capacity: : 1T- 300T
  • Power Supply: : Storage battery, cable drum, bus bar, festoon cable, conductive rail etc.
  • Applications: : Material transportation in steel mill, manufacture factory, shipyard, heavy industry, metallurgy etc
  • Safety Configuration: : warning lights, E-stop, bumpers, laser,sensors,limit switch, horn,auto-stop etc
  • Control Device: : Push button pendant, wire remote control wireless remote control
  • Customized: : Loads, table size, power supply source, V-deck, hydraulic lifting etc

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■ Overview
Overall Introduction
We are one professional transfer carraige manufacturer in China, our product have exported to many countries and regions such as Australia, USA, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa and Middle East etc.

Note:The transfer carriage is mainly used to transport material from one location to another. Capacity Range: 1-300ton, it can be customized.
Main products
Working Principle the transfer cart is powered by battery, which is installed underneath the cart, it supplies DC 24V/36V/48V to the electrical control system. And accordingly start, stop, forward and reverse etc.
Main Parts cart frame, steel wheel, gearmotor, reducer, braking system, safety equipment, storage battery, charger, shaft, etc.
Operation Way both remote control and push button pendant are available
Safety Equipment Sound and light alarm; limit switch; buffer; dead man control; E-stop button; warning strip
Advantages traveling on curved track; Flat decking; safe and flexible; unlimited running distance; heavy load capacity; adjustable speed
■ Technical Data
Model KPX-5t KPX-12t KPX-30t KPX-80t KPX-150t
Rated Load(t) 5 12 30 80 150
Table Size(mm) Length( L) 3500 4000 4500 5000 6000
Width( W) 2000 2000 2200 2500 2600
Heigth( H) 500 550 600 750 800
Wheel Diameter(mm) Ф300 Ф350 Ф400 Ф450 Ф600
Wheel Quantity 4 4 4 4 8
Running Speed(m/min) 0-25 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-18
Battery Voltage(V) 36 48 48 72 72
Running Time When Full Load 5.4 4.3 3.3 3.6 2.9
Max Wheel Load(KN) 25.8 64.5 174 278.4 265.2
Reference Weight(t) 3.6 5.2 7.2 8 12.8
Recommended Rail Model P18 P24 P38 P43 QU100

■ Application
The Main Application of Motorized Transfer Carriage
1. The transfer cart is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc from one location to another;
2. Paper roll plant: transfer paper coil;
3. Painting shops: transfer workpiece into the painting room; 
4. Sand blasting room; 
5. Other industries: shipbuilding, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops, transformer plant, etc.

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