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Heavy Industry Electric Transfer Wagon Electric Mould Trolley Cart

  • Product Name : Electric Mould Trolley Cart
  • Loading Capacity : 1-300 ton
  • Material : Steel
  • Application : Die, mould, machine, equipment transportation
  • Dimension : 5000mm*2000mm
  • Use Sites : Foundry, Injection factory, Manufacturing industry

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■ Overview
Heavy Industry Electric Transfer Wagon Electric Mould Trolley Cart

The mould transfer trolley cart is powered by battery with steering mechanism to realise any direction rotation and movement. This battery powered trolleys have been conceived and built for their utmost working flexibility. Since they have no predefined path and can steer in any direction and move on any kind of floor these motorized trolleys are very useful to bring the heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot arrive.This kind of battery steerable transfer carts represent the best solution for all those appliances with delicate handling problems in limited places.
PERFECT Company designs and manufactures a wide range of battery motorized trolleys, intelligent self-propelled trailers, transfer carts, die carts, industrial trailers, tilters, upenders and lifting platforms that operate in several industrial sectors: metallurgy, oil & gas, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metalworking and many others!

■ Technical Data
Model BWP-5t BWP-12t BWP-30t BWP-40t BWP-80t
Rated Load(t) 5 12 30 40 80
Table Size(mm) Length(L) 3500 4000 4500 5000 6000
Width(W) 2000 2000 2200 2500 2600
Heigth(H) 500 550 600 750 800
Wheel Diameter(mm) Ф300 Ф350 Ф400 Ф450 Ф600
Wheel Quantity 4 4 4 4 8
Running Speed(m/min) 0-25 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-18
Battery Voltage(V) 36 48 48 72 72
Running Time When Full Load 5.4 4.3 3.3 3.6 2.9
Max Wheel Load(KN) 25.8 64.5 174 278.4 265.2
Reference Weight(t) 3.6 5.2 7.2 8 12.8
Recommended Rail Model P18 P24 P38 P43 under developpment
■ Application
Since 2003, Henan Perfect Handling Equipment co., Ltd. has been involved to solve problems related to the transportation and handling of materials inside any type of industry.We design and manufacture transfer trolleys, industrial trailers, rail transport vehicle, coil and ladle transfer carts, electric flatbed carriage and other handling equipment. Giving innovative solutions to our customers.

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