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What are the characteristics of industrial flat cars?


What are the characteristics of industrial flat cars?

"Level car, also known as level car, car, over-the-horizon car, level car, level car, etc., is a kind of factory rail level car, according to the promotion method can be divided into low-voltage industrial rail level car, over-span, level car, level car, level car, level car, level car, etc., is the factory's rail level car, level car, level car, level car, etc.

steerable trackless transfer carts

(1) Flat car on low-pressure industrial rail.
Features: Industrial rail flat car can lead to the track, the load capacity is relatively large, can be integrated into a variety of steering places.
(2) Towing track flat.
Features: the work surface is low, loading and unloading and handling the lifting material is convenient, but the working spacing is not suitable for too long, generally within 100m, too long easy to coil the cable.
(3) Battery level vehicle.
Features: safety, maneuverability, operational flexibility.
(4) Electric flatbed truck push trailer.
Features: There is no electrical device on the main body of the industrial rail flat car, and the electrical products are installed on the car pushed separately.
Application areas: cleaning room, sand spraying room, painting room, etc.
(5) Circle type power project promotion.
Features: do not apply cables, so you can be trusted, not afraid of hot, not afraid of ignition, not hindered cross-type transportation, easy to remote operation, automation technology.
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