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Production workshop train railcar railcar rail industrial rail flat car


Production workshop train railcar railcar rail industrial rail flat car .

The advantages of battery railcars make it occupy a great role in various fields of transportation, loading and unloading, there are many manufacturers of industrial rail flat cars, suppliers are also invincible, to deal with the mouth of the salesman, the equipment is described very well, then when ordering, which point do you want to pay great attention to to buy a OK electric flatbed? Yuantu Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. I will introduce it to everyone.

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1. Basic elements of style selection: At present, electric flatbed trucks are roughly divided into three categories: standardized, multi-purpose and luxurious, and the company can be selected according to the specific requirements and necessary conditions for social and economic development.

2. Select model specifications: According to the different customer needs of electric flatbeds are not the same, electric flatbeds can be customized, specifications can be made according to user needs, specifications can be made according to user needs.

How to choose a good industrial rail flat car.

3. Clear equipment and style:

(1) In the form of transmission, it is necessary to fully consider, and the model selection wear and tear is small. Low energy consumption. Battery level car;

(2) Lead-acid batteries are more cost-effective than nickel-argon rechargeable batteries, and the standard voltage of rechargeable batteries is selected for a longer 24V endurance.

4. Well-known brands. The selection of after-sales maintenance credibility and supplier commercial service credit, the first to select the goods manufactured by the company with safety production license, appropriately consider the brand image. It is necessary to select suppliers with good reputation and good after-sales maintenance services, and give after-sales maintenance services.

Due to the simple construction of electric flatbed trucks. Easy to use. Large carrying capacity. Not afraid of dirty or afraid of breaking. Easy to service. With the advantages of a long service life, it is convenient. firm. economic development. Convenient. Easy to apply. It is very easy to clean and many other advantages, as a selection means of transport for the company's production line and the selection of short routes between production workshops and workshops.

Production workshop train railcar railcar industrial rail flat car production workshop, also known as Parfit electric flat car production workshop industrial rail flat car electric rail flat car industrial rail flat car, steel charter car service, etc., the enterprise is a kind of electric transport vehicle applied in the processing plant, the first is a kind of rail type transport vehicle, must be paved on the floor track, the wheelbase is usually the steel rail of the I-literal circuit breaker; the second is the electric vehicle, driven by the reducer motor fully automatic work.

Again, it is a flatbed truck, the counter surface is flat, there is no compartment cover, in special cases it can be non-plan, the body does not have a car steering wheel, only backwards (even if the steering also needs to be turned by the rail). This type of vehicle has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to use, large load capacity, no fear of dirt, easy maintenance, long service life, etc., because of its convenience. firm. economic development. Good. It is very easy to clean up and many other advantages, and it is the preferred means of transport of hoisting in the company's production line and its production workshop and the factory house, and between the production workshop.

Application areas Stamping processing. Welding welding. spray coating. Assembly process paint. Electric flatbed truck. Assembly process paint.

The key use of electric rail flat car and the movement of improved material transport vehicle, etc.; brick and tile factory. Kiln factory. Refractory plant. Ceramics factory. Electric kiln loading trucks for training and firing plants, etc. Electric kiln trucks, etc.; Engineering projects. Electric garbage trucks for environmental sanitation, etc.; Engineering construction. Heating furnace. Electric stove, etc. Electric and electric dump trucks are also suitable for mills, mining plants, rolling mills, chemical enterprises, stone yards, breeding plants, etc.

Gasoline-fuel-free electric flatbed trucks, such characteristics are not available in all natural vehicles. These features can be used not only in processing plants, but also for short-haul freight, and their main features are:

1. Green environmental protection, low operating costs.

2. The project investment is small and the return is high.

3. High quality characteristics, sustainable development concept of new science and technology development potential is great.

Compared with the rail-powered flat car, the bottle industrial rail flat car has a relatively large safety factor and maneuverability, which can be used in the corner. Driving on fork roads, the running spacing is not limited, and there is no insulation regulation for the tracks, so the construction of the project is convenient and the cost is low. No external power supply, can be transferred to C type, S type a variety of special-shaped rails, no external power supply, no limit on the operation spacing, but also with other cars cross-type operation, flexible and maneuverable, no provisions for the rail insulation layer, rail level, low project cost, simple actual operation, can work indoor and outdoor for long distances, for factory transportation, space layout to give great convenience. Its commonly used DC motor and rail transport vehicle application motor, not easy to ablation, running torque is large, the load level is strong, the start is stable, no trembling. The old rails in the industrial plant can be used, can be applied without renovation, and will not be limited by the actual operating spacing, and can be integrated into the power distribution method of the turning operation. The battery of the electric vehicle does not require an external power supply, but the use time is relatively limited, and it must be maintained frequently. This utility model patent is not limited to the driving route, can be turned at will, can be outdoors. There are rainy and snowy weather. High temperature. Flammable and explosive materials and places where its office environment is more extreme.

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