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Highly recommend the double rail electric flatbed


 Highly recommend the double rail electric flatbed .

The average person feels that the basic carriage of the flat track should be like a train, and naturally, the general rail car is also like this, but according to the customer's unique office environment regulations and the bold concept of the technical staff, "Xinxiang Parfit" Xinxiang City has successfully developed and designed a new product - a double-track electric flatbed truck.

In fact, the double-track electric flatbed is not the same as the general rail train, but also the use of rail trains, only installed a special type of guide pipe ditch for the guide wheel fixed, thereby eliminating the whole process of track civil engineering, greatly reducing costs, but the provisions for ground hardening solutions are higher. At least like a rail-covered car, on concrete ground, if it is solved by glass, it is stronger, and it is easy to steer with a two-track car, and it can prevent the deviation of the tram during the driving process.

electric rail cart

Recently, there is a customer who assembles assembly line machinery and equipment for the floor tile factory, and if he wants to support the equipment such as rail trains, but because the specifications of the cabinet counter surface are limited, the road turning radius is too small, and the load capacity of 1.5T is very high, and the automation technology must be automated. When inquiring about the rail leveling, the technicians highly recommended the two-track electric flatbed truck, which not only solved their long-troubled plan selection, but also greatly reduced the cost and fee, and won five-star praise from customers. 

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