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How the electric flat car and its base are constructed.


 How the electric flat car and its base are constructed.

A level truck is an electric means of transport used to transport products in a factory. Therefore, since it is a transportation, it is bound to encounter overloading, so it is a danger for overloading in any case. Therefore, it is of great significance to prevent the overloading of electric flat cars to ensure the safe operation of electric flat cars. Generally, the electronic scale of the electric flat car is used to determine the loading capacity of the electric flat car, and how to judge the overload of the electric flat car in the case of overload, this problem is solved by the electronic scale of the electric flat car.

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On the one hand, the role of electric vehicle electronic scales is that when the load exceeds the rated load, the amount of action cannot be reached, so as not to overload. It has mechanical, electronic and other types, mechanical operation mode is through the lever, spring, cam and other effects to drive the impact rod, when the impact rod overload, the impact rod and the switch collide, cut off the power source of the transmission mechanism, so that the transmission mechanism stops working. On the one hand, the weighing electric flat car can also achieve the functions of weighing and overloading by increasing the limiter. The electric flat car electronic scale mainly plays a role in safety overload protection. Not only is the electric flat car overloaded, but more about how the level car and its base are constructed, our technicians can also tell the user in detail.

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