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What Is Low Voltage Transfer Cart


  Low voltage electric transfer car is a 36V low voltage track powered electric flat car, which is powered by the track sliding contact line, and the track is both the walking track of the wheel and the feed rail. Divided into 36v single-phase power supply, three-phase power supply. The ground step-down transformer control cabinet depresses single-phase (three-phase) AC 380V to single-phase (three-phase) 36V, which is fed to the flat car through the track sliding contact line, and then boosted to single-phase (three-phase) AC 380V by the on-board booster transformer. Provide power to single-phase capacitor motor for flat car. Because the walking track is also a feed rail, it requires insulation between the tracks, between the wheels and the car body, and special insulation treatment should be done when the track is laid.

  low voltage transfer cart)

   Because it does not use cables, it is safe and reliable, high temperature resistant, does not hinder cross transportation, easy to achieve remote control and automation, and is very convenient for the transportation layout of the plant. However, its track construction requirements are high, and the insulation of the track must be ensured. Due to the low voltage power supply of this electric flat car track, there will be no electric shock accident, but due to the large current at the start of the line end voltage drop is large, so more than a certain distance when the track should be added copper compensation line, running distance is longer, must also increase the number of step-down transformers.
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