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How To Solve The Electric Transfer Cart Motor Temperature Is High


 In the process of using an electric transfer cart, we may encounter abnormalities such as high motor temperature or smoke, and when such problems occur, we can check the motor from the following aspects.


1, Check the working environment of the electric transfer cart, if the electric long time at high temperature (more than 40 degrees Celsius) can cause heat, if too high, there will be downtime.


2, Check whether the load of the electric flat car is too large, please choose the products that can meet the needs of the work, we provide a variety of tonnage electric flat car products for you to choose.

electric transfer cart

3, Check whether the external power supply voltage is normal, when the voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the motor by more than 10%, or less than the rated voltage of the motor by more than 5%, the motor is easy to heat under the rated load, the temperature rise is increased, should check and adjust the voltage. In addition, a phase fuse break or poor contact with the power switch will also cause phase deficiency operation and overheating, should be repaired or replaced damaged components.


4, check the motor, see the motor inside and outside the accumulation of dust and oil too much, affecting heat dissipation, should eliminate dust and oil; The motor air duct is blocked, the ventilation is not smooth, the air intake volume is reduced, and the debris and dirt at the air duct should be eliminated; If the fan in the motor is damaged, installed incorrectly or not installed, it should be properly installed, and the damaged fan should be repaired or replaced. In addition, if the bearing of the motor is damaged or worn too much, so that the stator and the rotor collide, it will also cause the motor temperature to rise.

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