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What Are The Advantages Of Trackless Transfer Cart


 PERFECT BWP series trackless transfer car consists of a power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure bearing frame, steering system, walking mechanism, control module, and fault diagnosis module.


Usually, we choose batteries, cables, and generators as the power supply of the train, and the power supply passes through the electrical control module system to provide power to the traction motor to realize the start of the railless transfer vehicle. Stop, forward, backward, and turn, and other functions.


The train can realize 360 rotation in place, and the car is equipped with safety warning and safety detection devices, which will immediately alarm and automatically stop when encountering pedestrians or obstacles


Equipped with an automatic intelligent charging machine, the trolley can also be equipped with a positioning device, tightening device, lifting platform, and other auxiliary devices to meet the needs of different occasions. For more details, please send inquiry to us.

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