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Can the Trackless Transfer Cart Rotate Freely in the Factory?


     The trackless transfer cart is an efficient and convenient industrial transportation equipment, and its biggest feature is that it can quickly transfer goods from one location to another without laying tracks. In addition, the trackless flat car has a special function, it can rotate in place, without the assistance of other equipment.

    The operation principle of this transfer car is quite simple, it uses advanced electronic control technology, automatically search for the best driving route, and can actively avoid obstacles.

    In addition, this vehicle is equipped with high-precision positioning system and fine ranging equipment to ensure the safety of cargo transportation.

    In summary, the trackless transfer car is a necessary equipment for modern industrial production, which can not only improve production efficiency, reduce transportation costs, but also reduce industrial pollution. With the passage of time, the application range of trackless flat cars will become more extensive, and bring greater help and contribution to industrial development. For more details, please send inquiry to us.

trackless transfer cart


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