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Principles And Advantages Of Cable Reel-Powered Rail Transfer Cart


 Cable reel-powered electric rail transfer cart: The electric transfer car is equipped with a magnetically coupled cable reel, and the cable reel is used to exchange 380V power supply. The cable drum is hysteresis coupled. When the flat car runs back and forth, the reel automatically rolls up and puts down the cable to ensure that the cable is not easily damaged under even force. In an environment with a long running distance, if the cable winding is found to be inaccurate, it should be dealt with and corrected in time to avoid damaging the cable. When the flat car is running, the cable drum actively rolls up or pays out the cable. Due to the influence of the power supply length of the drum, the running distance is generally less than 200m.

Rail Transfer Cart 1 (2)

    Cable reel series vehicles are suitable for harsh environments, high temperature environments, explosion-proof environments, etc. The mechanism is relatively simple and the cost is low. It is a common transport vehicle for on-site crossing. Compared with the battery series transport vehicles, its use time is not limited on the track. Compared with power supply series transport vehicles, track laying requirements are not high. This series of vehicles is suitable for occasions with any loading capacity and high frequency of use. When the running distance exceeds 50 meters, a router is required to auxiliary winding, and the maximum running distance can reach 200-400 meters. This series of electric flat cars are suitable for lifting and metallurgical use in harsh industrial and mining environments. The flat cars have a simple and reliable structure, are economical in price, convenient for maintenance and convenient for track construction. They are an alternative to traditional electric flat cars and are suitable for large-tonnage spanning solutions. For more details, please send inquiry to us.


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