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High Endurance Trackless Transfer Cart Export India


  The battery power trackless transfer cart is an alternative transfer cart for rail transfer cars. It overcomes many inconvenience of rail-type electric transfer carts. The trackless electric transfer carts can finish free-turning without rail in the workshop and workshop. There is no need to lay rails, so it does not affect traffic, does not hinder production, and the flat car is more flexible, the operation is more humanized.

Features for transfer cart:
1. It is not restricted by the track and can travel on the ground.It can turn 360 degrees.
2. Suitable for all kinds of environments.It can be used indoors or outdoors in high temperature explosion-proof and other environments.
3. Suitable for long distance operation.
4. Customized for you.Custom table size, operating speed,load,etc.Meet your requirements.

5. Equipped with safety warning and automatic stop device.

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