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What Is Rail Transfer Cart


     First, it is a rail type transport vehicle, the need to lay track on the ground, the track is generally H-plane contact track; Secondly, it is an electric driven vehicle, which runs automatically under the motor reducer, and again, it is a flat car, the table is flat without a car cover, and in special cases, it can be non-flat but without a car cover, and the body has no steering wheel only in the direction of forward and backward (even when turning, the city also relies on the track to turn). 

     It is a railway electric transport vehicle in the factory, which is the preferred means of transport for frequent heavy loads in the short distance between the factory and the factory. 

    The characteristics of the track transfer car: simple structure, easy to use, large carrying capacity, not afraid of dirty not afraid of smashing, easy maintenance, long service life, can also be installed industrial wireless remote control device.

    There are seven main technical parameters: power supply mode, deadweight tonnage, table size, table height, track length, track spacing, operation mode, among which the most important technical parameters are power supply mode and deadweight tonnage, the track electric transfer car determines its model by power supply mode, determines its specifications by deadweight tonnage, and the model can be supplemented by track spacing and operation mode. For more detail of transfer cart, please send inquiry to us.

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