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How Does The Turning Rail Car Realize Turning


Turning rail car, as the name implies, it is a rail car that can realize turning. We all know that rail cars generally walk in a straight line on the track, which is far less flexible than trackless electric flat cars that walk on a flat surface. Under special circumstances, rail cars are also required to achieve the effect of turning. Conventional rail cars cannot meet this demand and must adopt a specific rail running mechanism.


     Since the working conditions of the workshop and the factory are different, the turning parameters used are also different. The user needs to provide the actual use parameters, and the company's technical personnel can calculate the turning radius and derailment amount to determine whether it can be used reasonably. According to the parameters and requirements provided by users, an electric flat car that can be used normally under certain working conditions is designed.

     Turning rail car refers to a rail flat car that adds a steering and guiding mechanism to the original rail flat car so that it can run on a curved track. Its four or more wheel sets are independent systems and can be leveled. It can rotate or rotate vertically along the track. It can automatically change when the turning track electric flat car turns. The driving speed can be adjusted according to the site conditions, and it can walk on S-shaped, arc-shaped and various turning tracks.


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