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How To Avoid Safety Hazards For Cable Electric Flat Transfer Cars


For cable-carrying electric track flat cars, most customers will ask if there are any safety hazards? The answer is yes, hidden dangers will exist, the key is how we can avoid these hidden dangers. We often encounter customers who need to support cable electric flat carts to ask whether the cable will be easily damaged when dragged directly on the ground, will it cause inconvenience, affect passers-by, and so on. In view of the above problems, the following solutions are provided below to let users understand the cable electric flat car.


1. Increase the drag chain, and protect the cable with the drag chain to prevent the cable from contacting other objects. The cable is passed through the drag chain to achieve the effect of protecting the cable.

2. If the object needs to pass from above, the trench can be dug, and the drag chain can be placed in the trench to prevent the cable from being crushed.

3. Rack the cable in the air to prevent abrasion of the cable and increase the life of the cable.


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