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A Place For Flat Transfer Cars In Electric Flat Cars


The flat transfer car is another name for the electric flat car used in the workshop. It is a kind of transportation equipment that walks in the workshop, which reduces the burden on the workers in heavy industry workshops and factories, and improves the handling efficiency, and conforms to the national environmental protection concept.


       The horizontal car can also be called an electric horizontal car, a crawler, and an electric rail car. Regarding electric floor cars, it can be divided into track electric floor cars and trackless electric floor cars, which are distinguished by whether they are walking on the track. Rail-mounted electric flat cars can be powered by BXC batteries (lithium batteries), BJT cable drums, BTL support cables, BHX trolley wires, and BDG low-voltage track power supplies. In addition, there are also BP The unpowered track flat car can be used by hand pushing or with a supporting tractor, even if it is pushed by hand, you don’t have to worry about not being pushed. The most commonly used trackless electric flat car is battery power supply. Because of its low price, it is installed inside the car body and looks neat and generous, which is very popular.

     Electric level vehicles can be equipped with special devices on the basis of standard vehicles to meet different requirements of users. The main parameters of PAFY's specific electric flat car need to provide whether its operating mode is trackless or trackless, power supply mode, deadweight tonnage, table size, operating speed, operation mode, and what to carry. The most important parameter is tracked Rail or trackless, power supply method, deadweight, table size. If you need a special environment, you need to clearly inform, such as high temperature resistance, dust and explosion protection, etc.


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