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Get Rid Of Redundancy And Transform Into An Atmospheric Track Flat Car


The rail flat transfer car is a kind of transport vehicle that walks on the track. It is named because the attachment surface of the transport object is flat. The surface of the track flat car looks neat and atmospheric, and the appearance looks very fascinating. Many users choose our flatbed trucks because of their 

first sight.

        The rail flat transfer car has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, low pollution, and large carrying capacity. It is often used as a crane to transport heavy objects in the workshop.

     The rail flat transfer car is used in the working condition of laying the track in the factory and workshop. The laying of the track is the prerequisite for its operation. The battery power supply is the driving force for its operation. Of course, the track flat car can also be powered by a tow cable and reel in addition to the battery. The way of power supply. The operating distance of battery power supply is not limited, with greater safety performance and flexibility, and no insulation requirements for the track, therefore, the construction is convenient and the cost is lower; the operating distance of the power supply by the cable is generally not more than 50m, and the cable is too long to be wound; The power supply of the reel is affected by the length of the power supply of the reel, and the general running distance is less than 200 meters. The user can choose appropriately according to the conditions of use.

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