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There Are Several Reasons For The Noise Of Rail Flat Transfer Cars


Under normal circumstances, the operation of the track flat car will not produce noise. If there is noise, the following faults will occur. If the following faults occur, you can check the number to "take the seat" and repair the faults.


1. Motor gear failure: If there is a motor gear failure, stop the flat car immediately and check whether the gear of the rail flat car is running normally, or whether the outer surface of the gear is damaged, and whether the position of the middle shaft is deviated. These will make gears produce abnormal noise, and the noise produced by different faults is also different. When it is abnormal, the entire gear will become dull; when the surface of the tooth is damaged, the noise is relatively fragile; when the center shaft is in the closed position, the noise is obviously intermittent, accompanied by a harsh sound. It is forbidden to use it when the gear failure is not handled.
2. Electric control box failure: The noise is generally based on the sound of current. It is generally considered that the current connector is faulty, or some contact parts of the track flat car are aging, and the contact should be replaced or re-enhanced to deal with the noise.

3. Reducer failure: first turn off the track flat car and check whether there is lining oil at the internal contact points. If the oil is insufficient or dark, you need to replace or add oil. If stored for a long time, excessive wear or damage to gears and tooth surfaces.


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