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Battery Power Electric Rail Transfer Car Is Easy To Leak In Humid And Corrosive Environment


Most of the electric flatbed vehicles use batteries as a power supply method. The batteries here are actually battery packs composed of multiple batteries of the same type. The start, stop, turning and other operations of the electric flat car need to rely on the battery to provide electricity to complete, so the battery needs to be carefully maintained during use to ensure the normal use of the electric flat car.


 Prevent battery leakage and battery damage of electric flatbed vehicles. We should:

1. We can check the position of the electric flat battery regularly, check for liquid leakage or oil leakage, and keep it dry.

2. If the battery stops unexpectedly due to a power failure, please check the wiring immediately to restore power, or follow the instructions to buffer and stop the electric flatbed to prevent the battery from being overused, thereby reducing the service life.

3. We should regularly check the shape of the electric flat car battery. If there is a bulge, it means that a single rechargeable battery in the battery pack is damaged. At this time, the output voltage of the battery is not very stable, which will delay the use of other batteries, so we must replace it at this time.

     It is usually recommended to charge and discharge the battery of the electric flat car every 2 months to ensure that the battery performance is in good condition.

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