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Three-phase Track Flat Car


          The three-phase rail flat car is also called the low-voltage rail flat car. The low voltage is caused by reducing the 380V voltage to 36V through a step-down transformer. Even if the human body touches this voltage, as long as it leaves immediately, it will not cause harm to the human body. It is necessary to insulate the track and the entire vehicle, and Perfet tries to make users feel at ease.

       The 36V voltage is raised to 380V through the step-up transformer, and then the electricity is taken by the power-taking device on the flat car, and the AC power control system is used to control the motor to control the operation of the track flat car. Because the three-phase low-voltage track flat car needs to be insulated to prevent the occurrence of hidden dangers, it has higher requirements for track laying. The three-phase track flat car is suitable for occasions with high frequency of use and medium and long distance transportation. If it exceeds 70 meters, the number of transformers needs to be increased to compensate for the track voltage drop. 

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