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How To Choose A Suitable Electric Car For Workshop, Workshop Flat Car


 Handling has always existed since ancient times. The original method of handling was to use manpower to move heavy objects. With the evolution of mankind, trolleys began to appear to move goods, but manpower was still used to move goods, Which is strenuous and limits the distance. Later, the trolley also made progress, and the use of livestock to pull the cart began to be able to transport a little longer. Since the beginning of the steam age, not only the transportation power has changed, but also the trucks have also undergone great changes. Each generation of trucks must always match the corresponding transportation power methods.

At present, in all heavy-duty enterprises, handling equipment is indispensable. When purchasing an electric flat car, if a user wants to choose an electric flat car suitable for his workshop, he must first understand the following points:

1. Does the workshop need to lay tracks? If you need to lay the track, choose an electric track flat car, otherwise, choose a trackless electric flat car.

2. Which power supply method is used for electric flat cars? Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. provides battery (lithium battery) and cable power supply for trackless electric flat cars. Rail flat cars can use battery (lithium battery) power supply, sliding contact line power supply, cable drum power supply, and cable support Power supply, low-voltage rail power supply.

3. Load size and table size.

4. Special requirements: whether the rail car turns, whether it needs to climb, etc.

5. Special operating environment: high temperature environment, indoor or outdoor, spray booth and other dust-proof and explosion-proof environments. 

Henan Perfect can customize a variety of non-standard vehicles such as turntables, ladle vehicles, climbing vehicles, side rolls, lift vehicles, coil vehicles, weighing mobile platforms, cantilever cranes, and trolley vehicles equipped with robotic arms.


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