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Climbing Carts, Electric Flat Carts With Large Load Capacity And Less Pollution


       Climbing car is another name for electric flat car. It is a flat car that transports heavy materials and workpieces in electric railroad factories. Because it relies on the track to walk on the ground, the load is heavy, it cannot run too fast, and it looks like it is crawling on the ground during driving, so it is called a ground crawler.

    The ground crawler has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity, and less pollution. The mold is hoisted to the ground crawler by a crane. In order to prevent the mold from sliding on the ground crawler, a rubber sheet is laid on the table, and the mold is transported to the corresponding station by the transportation of the ground crawler. The ground-climbing vehicle has its own safety monitoring device, which will automatically stop when encountering pedestrians or obstacles, which is safe and reliable.

    It should be noted that workers must wear all labor insurance and protective equipment before entering the workshop, otherwise they are not allowed to enter the production workshop. Before using the ground crawler, check whether the exterior of the vehicle is intact, whether the transmission mechanism and its lubrication condition are normal, clean up the production waste or large obstacles on both sides of the track and in the middle, and items that may affect the normal use of the ground crawler, and send out before starting work Use signals.

    For ground climbing vehicles with small loads, we can also produce ultra-low tabletop electric rail cars, the frame structure will not change, and the appearance structure is more beautiful and beautiful.

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