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Problems in the use of transfer loading cart


Problems in the use of transfer loading cart

1.The transfer loading cart has a relatively serious load failure phenomenon (that is, the test run is normal at no load, and the test run fails when the load is running.), The transfer loading trolley has been running in a high temperature environment for a long time, and the temperature inside the bearing caused the grease to fail. The process of adding lubricating oil is more troublesome, and the flat car is often in a dry grinding state, which increases the internal wear of the bearing. Trying to resolve such failures, disassembling and repairing them, the use performance did not significantly increase after reassembly, the above-mentioned failures were exacerbated and there were abnormal noises during rotation. Failure to solve the problem for a long time will cause damage to the flat car. 
2.During the smelting process, the temperature of the vanadium slag brought out by the on-site operator when the furnace was unintentionally reached 13,000 degrees, which caused serious damage to the transfer loading cart and the vanadium slag splashed from the smelting furnace to the flat car.
3.The vertical rotary deceleration device is inconvenient to disassemble and attach, the boring wear is serious, the full-load power is reduced, and the load is allowed when it is not moving. Analysis of deviations during gear assembly, such as gear shaft alignment, small deviations will cause instability in gear meshing, discontinuous vibration, accelerated wear, and gear failure, but we use high speed and integrated gear and shaft structures, so this factor can almost be ruled out; but in the thermal state of the reducer ( heating and cooling), a large amount of heat is generated by mistake such as meshing loss, bearing loss, oil stirring loss, seal loss, fan loss, etc., which makes the reducer excessively powerful. The loss causes the temperature to rise, restricting the normal functioning of the system, which has a great impact on the reducer system, causing the full load power to decrease.

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