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The carrying capacity of 16 ton rail flat cart is strong


The carrying capacity of 16 ton rail flat cart is strong

16 ton rail flat cart has the advantages of strong applicability, flexible mobility, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, and low price, so they can flexibly travel between narrow roads. The high-quality atmosphere of the  rail flat cart is suitable for any road condition, strong climbing ability, strong load capacity, two-way driving, flexible steering, simple operation, high safety performance, greatly improving work efficiency, and is a suitable transportation tool for all occasions.
The surface, connecting wires and bolts of the rail flat car battery should be kept clean and dry. If there is any acid, wipe it with cotton yarn dipped in alkaline solution, then rinse with water and wipe dry. During the cleaning process, alkali solution is not allowed to enter the battery. During the use of the battery, if a backward battery appears, the cause should be promptly identified and repaired immediately. If it cannot be repaired, a new battery should be replaced in time.

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