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What are the driving mechanisms of railway transfer bogie?


What are the driving mechanisms of railway transfer bogie?

There is an insulating sleeve and an insulated inner and outer pad between the wheel and axle of the railway transfer bogie. The insulating sleeve is made of nylon and has high mechanical properties. After the wheels are insulated, the low-voltage rail series electric flat cars can use two guide rails as two conductive rails. The shaft material is quenched and tempered by 45 # steel. The wheel material is made of 55-gauge cast steel. The surface of the wheel is quenched. The bearing is a double-row radial spherical roller bearing, which can automatically compensate the deformation deviation of the frame.
The wheel set is mounted below the frame beam by a flat bearing seat, and each side is fixed by four bolts. This structure effectively reduces the height of the table top, lateral stability, improves load carrying capacity, and the frame is advantageously stressed. The electric power supplied by the car is controlled by the electrical system to make the flat car move forward or backward. The railway transfer carriage has a good frequency conversion speed regulation function, which can flexibly run on S-shaped arcs and cross tracks. The car's control method is wireless remote control, with a controllable distance of up to 20 meters, and the railway transfer trolley can respond quickly to instructions.

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