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Advantages and configuration of electric flat rail car


Advantages and configuration of electric flat rail car

The electric flat rail car is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, industry and manufacturing industries for internal transportation. It has the advantages of simple use, convenient operation, large load capacity, stable operation, no noise, no pollution, simple maintenance, etc. Secondly, the rail flat car is professionally equipped with an enhanced type, a large storage battery and a long service life. The car can be installed on the original track, and it can be used without matching. It can also be matched with the product track according to the design. The track laying requirements are general.
The electric flat rail carriage has the following configuration:
1.Electric control system for rail electric flat cars: Equipped with advanced electric controllers and accelerators to maximize the battery power supply time and service life. 
2.Rail flat car power system: It adopts the domestic leading high-load, strong-performance DC motor to ensure excellent overload resistance and good power output. 
3.Rail flat car power system: The use of high-quality lead-acid batteries, which has nearly doubled the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Large-capacity batteries increase the continuous battery life of products. 
4.Braking method of electric flat rail vehicle: Using electromagnetic shaft brake or mechanical wheel brake, the braking force is strong. 
5.Body painting of rail electric flat car: The color of rail electric flat car body can be chosen arbitrarily by users. 
6.Electric rail car control mode: Product design has two control modes: remote control and line control.

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