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The maintenance program of heavy duty transfer cart


The maintenance program of heavy duty transfer cart 

Heavy duty transfer cart is currently used in factories. They are used frequently. We need to develop a reasonable maintenance plan to extend their service life.
1.The heavy duty transfer carriage cannot work uninterrupted for a long time, so we should stop the car every two hours to ensure that all its components can be effectively repaired.
2.When the usage rate is relatively high, pay close attention to the use of wheels and cars. If there is a fault, it should be resolved in time.
3.At the beginning of each month, it is necessary to oil the contact pulleys and running bearings of the electric flat car (that is, add oil). Check the track to see if there is any looseness or foreign matter.
4.For the electric control board of the heavy duty transfer cart, it should be cleaned every 2 months, and the panel should be deashed with the specified reagent.
5.The battery of the battery electric flat car should be checked every one year, and the voltage should be replaced if it is too low.

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