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The steel frame of the skeleton of the electric pallet truck



Electric pallet truck is a kind of transportation equipment commonly used in enterprises. For companies, they want to understand how long they can use it to work and whether they are cost-effective. Here it is very clear to tell users that as long as the quality of the electric flat car is produced and used within its load-bearing range, you can use it for 10, 15 or 20 years with confidence.

The electric flatbed trucks produced by Henan Perfect handling equipment are of high quality and simple structure. The working life of electric flatbed vehicles is mainly determined by two main reasons, one is the steel frame of the car body, and the other is the power supply. For the power supply, the battery can be used to supply power, which can be replaced if it is broken. This does not determine the working life of the electric flat car. It is just a power method that can be used normally. The main reason for determining the working life of the electric flat car is its body. Steel frame.

The human skeleton supports various human behaviors. If the human skeleton is broken and is not enough to support human walking and other behaviors, then we call it a vegetative human being, a waste without any mobility. Similarly, the steel frame of the car body and the human skeleton It is the same reason. The steel frame of the frame not only carries the weight of the electric flat car and the weight of its transported goods, but also frames the main space for the operation of the track flat car. The various parts on the electric pallet truck, including the power supply method, can be replaced if they are damaged. The only difference is that the "skeleton" of the electric pallet truck is different. The body steel frame of the electric flat truck is the main force supporting part. The flat car is about to be scrapped. The damage of the steel structure is mainly due to the deformation of the metal structure due to the overload. When the steel structure is severely deformed, if it is not replaced in time or maintained in time, it may cause personnel accidents. Therefore, enterprises should be careful not to overweight when using electric flat cars.


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