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Customized non-standard car-trackless mold car



The trackless mold car is also called the trackless electric flat car. It is an electric car used to transfer molds in the workshop, and it is a kind of electric pallet truck. Moulds can refer to materials such as large moulds, aluminum coils, steel coils, boilers, casting modules, etc. Because of the use of handles or remote control to control the operation of the trackless mold car, it can not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid risks to a certain extent. Not only that, The installation of sound and light warning device and stop device on the trackless mold car can avoid collision and improve the effect of avoiding risks.

Compared with the track mold car, the trackless mold car does not need to lay the track, and it is more flexible to use. The trackless mold car uses two universal wheels with two driving wheels to achieve a 360-degree rotation effect. It is also a comparison of the trackless mold car. Where the railcar is more flexible. The trackless mold car is also equipped with a smart charger. A PLC control system is installed on the car body, and it can be set to automatically go to the smart charger for self-charging, which saves human resources.

According to the needs of users for handling irregular materials, Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. can also customize non-standard electric handling flat cars, such as: ladle trucks, coil cars, hydraulic lift trucks, cantilever cranes, weighing and lifting electric vehicles Wait.

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