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Power Source Of Battery Electric Flat Car-battery



The battery used in the battery electric flat car produced by Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. has a life of up to three years and is stored in a drawer box, which is very convenient to replace. In addition, for some users who find it troublesome to replace and maintain, maintenance-free batteries can also be used. Henan Perfect provides maintenance-free and maintenance-free batteries. In addition, high-temperature motors and electrical appliances can be used. The use of a fully charged battery is usually not less than 4 hours. There is another type of lithium battery, which has higher cost, smaller size and the same use time, but the service life of lithium batteries is 3 times that of ordinary batteries.

Maintenance-type batteries need regular maintenance to extend the service life of the batteries and ensure that the daily use of electric flat cars is not affected. The following several battery maintenance methods are available for reference:

Regularly check the appearance of the battery every month for deformation and bulging. If it is severely replaced, a single battery with a crack in the appearance should be replaced. 2. Check the accuracy of the voltage applied to the two ends of the battery pack by checking the charging output of the locomotive every month to check whether it meets the requirements. If there is a deviation, it should be adjusted in time. 3. Compare and check whether the battery temperature is accurate every month. 4. The connecting plates of the battery should be smooth and clean, and there is no copper exposed or oxidized. Once copper exposed or oxidized, they should be replaced. 5. Check whether the connecting parts of the battery are complete and whether the installation is firm and reliable.

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