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One-way And Two-way Tracks Of AGV Automatic Guided Vehicles



AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle in English. The AGV automatic guided vehicle produced by Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. uses magnetic strips as the guidance equipment and battery as power. The PLC control system is configured to control the automatic guided vehicle to drive along the planned route. The automatic handling equipment that is equipped with protection devices and various auxiliary mechanisms on the body to realize unmanned driving is quite popular among people in the handling conditions of various factories and workshops.

The automation of AGV unmanned driving is mainly realized by an AGV system composed of multiple AGV, computers, navigation equipment, charging equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Mainly under the control of the computer system (PLC) software settings, control the forward, turn, and back behavior of the electric flat car. The walking direction of AGV automatic guided vehicles can be divided into two types: one is one-way walking, and the other is two-way walking. After arriving at point B from point A, if you want to return to point A, the one-way AGV automatic guided vehicle needs to turn 180 degrees and drive in the opposite direction, while the two-way walk does not need to turn, and you can directly go back and drive in the opposite direction to reach point A. The AGV can accurately follow the route set by the system. After reaching the designated position of the task, it completes a series of tasks. The control computer can decide whether to go to the charging area for automatic charging according to the AGV's own power.

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