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RGV Automated Track Flat Car, Automated Electric Track Flat Car



Automated rail flat car is also a kind of electric pallet truck that runs on the track, and it is a common handling equipment in the workshop.

Henan Perfect’s automated rail flat car can also be called RGV rail electric flat car. This RGV rail electric flat car adopts unmanned operation and only needs to set the running route and a series of operations on the system program. The behavior, where to perform any operation, can save the user a lot of human resources without spending human resources to look after it.

The automated track flat car is equipped with a plc control system on the car body, which can realize automatic operation. It is a kind of automatic handling electric equipment.

However, the automated track flat car needs to install the track on the ground. If the user does not want to install the track and wants to achieve the same automation effect, you can use Perfect’s AGV automatic guided vehicle, but the price of the AGV automatic guided vehicle is Three times the price of RGV.

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