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The Source Of Driving Force For Flatbed Power Rail Cars



The flatbed powered rail car is a common electric-driven rail car in workshop handling equipment. The power of the flatbed power railcar can be provided by one of the power supply methods such as battery (lithium battery), towable cable, cable reel, low-voltage track, trolley wire, etc., among which tow cable power supply, reel cable power supply and trolley wire Power supply can be collectively referred to as cable power supply.

Within Henan Perfect, these power supply methods have their own codes. The battery-powered type is called BXC, the trailing cable-powered type is BTL, the cable reel-powered type is BJT, the low-voltage rail-powered type is called BDG, and the trolley line power supply type is called BHX. The code represents the power supply mode of the electric flat car. Perfect’s internal code can easily distinguish the power supply mode.

The above-mentioned power supply methods can be selected for the flatbed power rail car as the source of driving force. Among them, the BXC battery-powered type is very popular whether it is on tracked or trolley cars. Because the battery is loaded inside the car body, it is not exposed, the appearance is good-looking and convenient, and the running distance is not limited. Cable power supply is generally limited by distance. For example, the BJT cable reel power supply type is affected by the length of the reel power supply. Generally, the running distance is less than 200m. When the running distance is less than 20m, the trailing cable power supply type can be used. The reel cable power supply generally uses a hysteresis coupling reel to ensure that the cable is evenly stressed and not easy to be damaged. The cable reel automatically rolls up or releases the cable when the electric flat car is running.

Compared with other flatbed power rail car manufacturers, the electric flat car produced by Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. has a simple and reliable structure, convenient track construction and after-sales service.

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