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Pushable And Towable Lightweight Forklift Towing Trailer



Forklift towing trailers, also called forklift trailers, are flatbed trailers without driving force for workshop transportation. Heavy flatbed trailers can be pulled by a tractor.

Henan Perfect’s BWT forklift trailer is mainly composed of a tow bar, four rubber solid tires, a body structure with a slope, a traction spring, a traction ring, etc. The BWT forklift trailer adopts automatic control technology, which can effectively control steel. It can effectively control and improve the cutting quality and cutting efficiency, and the welding area can be less than 1 square millimeter, with high control ability and firm bonding. Perfect’s employees carefully install each component after measuring and proofreading through the instrument. When installing components, in addition to the fixed configuration, other components can be added according to user requirements. After installation, spray primer and topcoat. Perfect strictly requires that each car have a high degree of gloss, so that the plane looks flat and smooth.

The overall height of the heavy-duty flatbed trailer is low, and the transportation safety factor is high; the table top is a beam structure, which has the advantages of strong load capacity and long service life. The four-wheel linkage steering, the steering is flexible, and the turning radius is small. The BWT forklift trailer can be customized according to the table size, load capacity and other parameters provided by the user.


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