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Prelude to the customization of rail electric flat cars



I have written so many electric flat cars, many of which are track electric flat cars, as the name knows: the track electric flat cars are just what you think, they are flatbed trucks that run on the track. The power supply methods of the track electric flat cars are also bad. In general, they are battery power supply, low-voltage rail power supply, cable power supply (towing cable and reel cable) and sliding contact line power supply.

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment is a company mainly engaged in the research and development, design and customization of electric handling equipment. After users clearly know their customized needs, they can manufacture the electric flat cars required by PAFEI. For rail electric flat cars For customization, Perfect recommends that the user track should be laid in advance. Perfect specializes in electric flat cars, not tracks. If you need to provide track installation, the price will be higher. It is better to order at the track monopoly, which is more cost-effective .

Before the rail flat car is customized, the user needs to know the load and size of the rail flat car, whether it is turning, and the power supply mode. The user should consider the load of the flat car and be careful not to overweight. For the special materials carried by the flat car, special devices need to be installed on the flat car. In addition, the use of the track electric flat car in special occasions (painting booths, etc.) requires special treatment. This needs to inform the custom manufacturer in advance what materials to move and the environment in which the car is used. The user did not tell the manufacturer to handle special materials and special conditions, and the manufacturer will install generalized treatment.

There is a special handling flat car in the track electric flat car is the RGV automatic track car, which is equipped with a PLC control system, which can automatically carry out fixed-point handling and unloading after setting through a computer program, which is very suitable for modern smart factories.


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