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Rail truck (awesome, ubiquitous rail truck)



Rail pallet truck is a kind of electric transfer vehicle that runs on the track. It is a kind of track-type electric handling equipment commonly used in modern industry. This kind of electric handling equipment is more efficient than manual handling equipment and is more suitable for modern fast-paced life.

Rail pallet trucks are suitable for short-distance and frequent use of fixed-points within enterprise factories or factory rooms, and are now used in warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, post offices, ports and airports, tobacco, medicine, food, chemical and special industries. The electric equipment of Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. is not only customized for China, but also sold abroad. In this way, rail trucks can be regarded as almost covering all walks of life around the world.

Perfect’s rail truck can be built from 1t, which is more suitable for some heavy working conditions. Its steel structure load-bearing frame adopts a mesh structure of longitudinal beams, beams and planks, and the load factor can be guaranteed to reach 120%. When it comes to rail trucks, we have to talk about the track. The track is the basic guarantee for the normal running of the rail truck. Therefore, while using the rail truck, the track should be checked regularly to ensure that it does not affect the walking of the rail truck.

There is also a special kind of track truck that does not require driving force, which is the track flat trailer. Rail flatbed trailers can be pushed by manpower or pulled by other tractors. They are not as easy to use as electric rail trucks, but rail flatbed trailers do not require special personnel to operate and are easier to accept than electric rail trucks.

Nowadays, rail trucks are ubiquitous in all walks of life. Before purchasing a rail flat car, users need to understand their own needs (weighing materials, load, size, whether to turn, etc.), and reasonably purchase and customize suitable rail trucks.


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