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Traverse electric flat car capable of walking sideways


Traverse electric flat car is also a kind of electric handling equipment. Like ordinary electric flat car, it has a steel structure load-bearing body and four wheels. Its function and its special feature lies in the horizontal movement, which is from the name of the horizontal electric flat car. You can know its role.
The traverse electric flatbed vehicle has a simple structure, the main structure is composed of steel structure, mechanical configuration and electrical appliances. Because of its simple structure, it is also convenient for the maintenance and disassembly of the electric flat car, and the appearance is more atmospheric and beautiful. Hooks can be installed on the front and rear of the car body for towing or being towed. Lifting holes are provided on both sides of the flat car to facilitate lifting.

According to whether the traverse electric flat car is running on the track, it can be customized as a trackless traverse electric flat car and a track traverse electric flat car. Its power supply mode is the same as that of ordinary electric flat cars, such as batteries, trolley wires, towed cables, and low-voltage cable drum tracks. What is different from ordinary electric flat cars is its running direction. Electric flat cars generally run along the length, while horizontally moving electric flat cars run vertical to the length of the table. The track-traverse electric flat car has a long gauge, and the user must not use it with over-heavy loads during use to avoid deformation of the steel load-bearing frame. The structure of the horizontal shifting car transmission should adopt the arrangement of dual motors and dual reducers to drive separately.

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