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What are the main materials of construction of an electric transfer truck?


 What are the main materials of construction of an electric transfer truck?

Electric transfer trolley has many components, each is an important component, the buyer will also be very concerned about this, if the quality of parts is not good, it will directly affect the work of the car, you all must be want to know this problem, today give you the answer and hope to help you when buying.First, the material used on the car table surface has requirements for rigidity, to ensure that the heavy load will not bend and deformation.Second, in order to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, the surface of the equipment should be finely machined.Third, this surface should be sufficiently hard and have a high resistance to corrosion. The plating has the ability to resist stripping to ensure that the working surface has good wear and corrosion resistance.

The above is the main material of the battery transfer wagon introduced to you by the manufacturer. Our designers can project the load bearing of the car, the table size of the vehicle, the minimum allowable height of the it, etc. We can plan the situable handling carrier for you, from product planning, equipment selection, transportation and distribution, installation and training to after-sales service, to give you a heart-saving service experience.

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