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What are the advantages of BDG series low voltage rail power transfer trolley?


 What are the advantages of BDG series low voltage rail power transfer trolley? The manufacturer take you through.

The advantages of BDG cars are that they do not use cables, safe and heat-resistant, they do not hinder cross transport, they are easy to realize remote control and automatic control. What’s more, they can be carried out between curves and loops, and the appropriate number of step-down transformers is not limited by the running distance of the flat cars, so that it is greatly convenient for the transport arrangement of the factory.

The BDG series is a 36V single phase low voltage rail battery car, powered by rail slip wire. The ground transformer control cabinet reduces the single-phase AC 380V to single-phase AC 36V, which is transported to the flat car via the rail slip wire and then stepped up to single-phase AC 380V by the vehicle-mounted step-up transformer. provides power to the single-phase capacitor motor for the car. Because no cable is used, it is safe and reliable, high-temperature resistant, fire prevention, cross-transportable, facilitates remote control and automation, and greatly facilitates the transport layout of the plant. However, the track construction is demanding and the insulation of the track has to be ensured. When the track is larger than the specified running distance, copper compensation lines should be added. The number of step-down transformers must also be increased when the running distance is longer.

When the electric gear fault occurs, should immediately stop the trackless car, check whether the battery cart gear operation is normal, or whether the teeth outside the teeth are damaged, the central axis is left in position, these will make the gear produce strange noise. Different faults cause different noises, when the gears are not running normally, the overall noise of the transmission is low; and when the teeth are damaged, the noise is clearer; and when the central axis is out of position, the noise shows obvious intermittency, accompanied by a harsh sound from time to time, when the gears cannot work normally, it is strictly forbidden to use the electric vehicle.

BDG series electric handing car is a low-voltage rail transfer wagon. Its working principle is to reduce the voltage of 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) to 36V safety voltage, through the rail (rail and car walking), the flat car conduction device is to transmit the low-voltage power to the carriage step-up transformer, lifting to 380V, dragging the three-phase or single-phase capacitor motor, driving the car operation.

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