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How to use the KPD low voltage rail battery car correctly?


 How to use the KPD low voltage rail battery car correctly?

Low-voltage track electric cars can only be started smoothly after sounding, pay attention to the surrounding area for any abnormalities and be ready to stop at any time. The track terminus must not be touched. The low-voltage rail transfer car should run slowly and it is forbidden to change the direction of travel quickly. When the flat car is loaded with goods, it should not be overloaded and try to make the goods stacked evenly. After overhauling, the cart needs to be accepted by the application unit and only after it meets the safety requirements is it allowed to be used.

After the KPD electric carriage is operating, do not run the car in a fast reverse direction. The car should run in one direction steadily and then change direction, otherwise the power mechanism of the wagon will be damaged. After 2-3 months of use, the low voltage trailer should be checked for gear oil and grease in the gearbox and the reducer should be filled with lubricant if available. For low-voltage rail electric cart that are not used for a long time (several days), wedge should be added under the wheels to ensure that the flatcars do not slip.

KPD battery car with positive reverse gear button with the car operation, parking should be reversed, prohibit fast adjustment. After the new car has been empty for more than 10 minutes round trip, observe whether the parts are normal, then gradually load it to the rated load. On the workshop floor, the double track surface should be 8-10 mm higher than the ground, and the inner edge between the two tracks should be left with a wheel edge groove for the smooth passage of the flat car. The electric handing car should not be pulled by the electric flat car so that the motor does not run at too high a speed. The resistance between the two rails is not less than 10k therefore the rails should be insulated. If the bottom of the rail is coated with bitumen, the sides of the rail are filled with bituminous sand. On a 36V powered rail the actual voltage should not exceed 42V and when the line end is started its voltage should not be less than 32V. If a rail seam exists it should be chamfered with 3~5mm x 45°on the outside of the rail seam to avoid touching the lower edge of the friction block. Always check when using for the first time, and regularly during use.

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