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What should be paid attention to before and after the use of trackless transfer car?


What should be paid attention to before and after the use of trackless transfer car?
I want to hold the car's long-time work and personal safety in my own hands. Today, I'll give you a detailed introduction. What are the precautions for the use of battery powered cart?

Before traveling, the trackless electric car shall carefully read the operation manual given by the manufacturer, check the switch and alert button of the car, as well as the remote control button of the car. Inching mode: press the travel direction button to start walking, release the button to power off, long mode: after pressing the travel direction button, the car starts walking, even if the button is released, it can walk, and press the stop button when it needs to stop. No matter what mode, if there is an emergency, press the emergency stop button immediately. Once this button acts, the vehicle will stop immediately.

When the vehicle is full of goods, there should be no objects around. The operator should pay attention to the position of his station and can see the operation of the whole vehicle. Don't stand on the vehicle. Clean the table after operation and remember to turn off the switch of the vehicle. The motor and battery should be checked regularly to avoid damage to the vehicle.

The above is the small suggestions given to you by the manufacturer of trackless electric flat car. I hope it will be helpful to you. For other detailed questions, you can consult the online customer service or call us for detailed communication.

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