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The rail handling car supplier will introduce you to BXC series battery power transfer car.


 The rail handling car supplier will introduce you to BXC series battery power transfer car.

BXC series battery power transfer car is controlled by battery, handle and remote control. In case of equipment feeding or failure, it can be pushed manually. There shall be safety protection facilities during charging, without the need for personnel on duty. After charging, the power supply can be cut off automatically. KPX electric car supplier said that the plane transportation is not limited by the operation distance, which greatly expands the operation scope.  
       The battery car has a battery, which directly supplies power to the traction DC motor. Compared with AC motor, DC motor has the advantages of less damage, large starting torque and strong overload capacity.

Battery driven flat car has the characteristics of good safety, mobility and flexibility. It can drive at curves and bifurcations with unlimited running distance. It is characterized by no need for track insulation, convenient auxiliary track, low cost and simple operation. It can be used for long-distance indoor and outdoor operation, factory transportation, plane layout, etc.

The battery level car produced by BXC level car supplier, regardless of its no-load or heavy load, is low continuous start, which is not only conducive to mechanical transmission, but also can protect various electrical appliances, so as to prolong the service life of flat car. It is suitable for long-distance cargo transportation, with convenient line laying and operation. It can be used on any track with the same gauge. It is powered by battery, which provides power for DC traction motor, and DC motor drives flat car to run.

Advantages: 1. Unlimited running distance; 2. No special requirements for track; 3.0-20m/min, stepless commissioning is allowed; Deficiency: 1. Replace the battery every 3-5 years (pay attention to longer maintenance time); 2. The service time is limited, and it is charged every 3-4 days on average; 3. It is not suitable for use when the temperature is greater than 50 ℃.

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