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The reducer adopts a special type of electric flatbed truck


The reducer adopts a special type of electric flatbed truck.

Electric flatbed truck now large unit mechanical equipment manufacturing workshop product workpiece delivery is all used, and even is a large ton of electric flatbed truck, can bear a relatively large tonnage of product workpieces, to solve a lot of large units of machinery and equipment manufacturing production workshop product workpiece loading and unloading work used in the product workpiece, how to form a large tonnage electric flatbed?
Usually, the structure of electric flatbed trucks is composed of power distribution equipment, motor control equipment, body structure, driving equipment, etc., but large-ton electric flatbeds must strengthen the bearing capacity of the body to achieve the import substitution regulations of trucks. Specifically, the electric flatbed is made of window frames .rotating shaft pairs. In the passive rim. dynamical system. Computer operating system. Brake pedals. Not only that, but also the alarm system needs to be upgraded. Limit the switch, etc., to avoid excessive punching due to too heavy loads, and to prevent damage caused by it.

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1. Window frame: The frame is structural steel, the frame shear wall is selected, and it is composed of 4 side beams and multiple load-bearing beams. The beam spacing is 500mm. The number is clear according to the length of the architecture.
2. Rotate the shaft pair: the active wheelset is made of wheels. axis. Housing bearings. Rolling bearing. Reducer. Motor. Brake pedal composition. The raw material of sand wheel piece is ZG340~640, the sand wheel piece pedal surface is hard bottom, the strength is HRC280-340, the depth is 5-6mm, and the bridge shaft is selected from 45# garden steel, which is adjusted and solved.
3.The rim in the passive is made of wheels. axis. Housing bearings. Housing. Rolling bearing bearings are constructed, and the raw materials and bearing designations used are the same as the rotating shaft pairs.

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