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It is used as a belt-covered electric flatbed truck for transport molds


 It is used as a belt-covered electric flatbed truck for transport molds.

One. Electric flatbed truck tape introduction:
Plastic wheel test electric flatbed truck, also known as electric type loading truck. Tram electric truck. Wheel test transport vehicles, etc., is a kind of wheel test equipment handling that can be manually controlled and turned at will. This product uses rechargeable batteries for power distribution, and the number of battery cycles is about 2.5 years. Transmission system wheels and load-bearing wheels can select high-toughness PU plastic solid tires, solve the dependence of the track flat car on the track, do not destroy the infrastructure construction, can walk around on the road, casually turn, will not be limited by indoor space, road surface, anytime and anywhere can change the direction and line, especially suitable for the driving route is not fixed and immovable places.

steerable trackless transfer carts

Two. Factors for mold feeding equipment:
Photo washing production workshop
1. The safety factor is high: most of the mold cats are heavy, so the safety of staff and objects should be ensured during the whole process of transportation, and it is not easy to produce safety production accidents such as bruises and littering.
2. Strong carrying capacity: the net weight of the template, some can reach hundreds of tons.
Flexible, lightweight, net-weighted cartridges will also have higher volumes, and more and more indoor space will have to be moved.
4. Low countertop: Limited by the relative height of the molding press, the relative height of the mold transport equipment cannot be too high.

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