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Railway flat wagon daily maintenance


Railway flat wagon daily maintenance

The standard procedures for daily maintenance of railway flat wagon include the following:
1.Inspect the rail flat wagon body and chassis for deformation and cracks. Weld the cracks in a timely manner, check whether the floor is damaged, repair local damage, and tighten looseness.
2.Check the axle part, and inspect the axle according to the inspection cycle. The axle that fails the inspection is strictly forbidden to use. Inspect the wheels for cracks.
3.Check the wear of the wheels and make a record. Wheel wear limit is: the thickness of the wheel is not less than 23mm, the thickness of the rim is not less than 20mm, and the thickness of the road surface is 20mm. The wear limit of wheels for light railway flat cart is 5mm.
4.Check the lubricating condition of the wheel case, and replenish it if the grease is insufficient.
5.The bogie equipped with the reducer should be disassembled and inspected. The reducer should be replaced when the spring breaks, and the surface of the friction plate should be cleaned with oil. If the wear exceeds 5mm, it should be replaced.
6.Inspect bogies for cracks, breaks and severe rust. It is required that all kinds of springs have no cracks, breaks, and rust, so that the diameter of the spring steel wire must not be less than 95% of the original diameter.
7.Check the trolley coupler, traction shaft and buffer device. There is no obvious deformation and visible cracks in the trolley coupler and the traction shaft. Otherwise, it should be corrected or repaired and strengthened. The buffer spring should be adjusted or replaced when it is stuck or broken.

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