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What are the daily maintenance of industrial transfer carriage?


What are the daily maintenance of industrial transfer carriage?

The maintenance and maintenance of industrial transfer carriage has a great impact on the service life of flat cars. If transfer cars are often used but not maintained and maintained, the service life of flat cars will be reduced.
1.In the process of using the electric flatbed, it is necessary to regularly check the use status of each component, and timely clean up debris and other debris that may enter the body and take protective measures.
2.The air duct of the motor must be unobstructed, and no heat source can be placed around the motor. Once problems are found, preventive measures should be taken in time.
3.Under normal circumstances, change the grease every six months. When replacing grease, first wash the bearing with kerosene or gasoline, and then fill two-thirds of the bearing chamber with grease. Too much or too little is not conducive to lubrication.
4.The motor should be overhauled regularly, usually every three months and overhauled once a year. If the motor is damaged due to an accident, it should be disassembled in time to analyze the cause.

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