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Safety precautions for 10 ton rail flat transfer cart


Safety precautions for 10 ton rail flat transfer cart

When operating 10 ton rail flat transfer cart, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1.The weight should be placed on the middle of 10 ton rail flat transfer vehicle smoothly and the load distribution should be even. It is forbidden to stack too high, and it is forbidden to stack goods to one side.
2.The electric flat car must ring before it can start smoothly. Pay attention to any abnormal conditions around it and be prepared to stop at any time. Do not touch the rail stop at the end of the track.
3.After 10 ton rail flat transfer carriage is overhauled, it must be inspected and accepted by the user, and it can only be used after meeting the safety requirements.
4.In case of sudden power failure during work, the control switch should be returned to zero position. After work, you must cut off the power, remove the load, and clean the equipment.
5.No items are allowed to be stacked within one meter on each side of the flat car track.

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