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A brief analysis of the cause of heavy transfer cart tractor sway


A brief analysis of the cause of heavy transfer cart tractor sway

We have introduced the maintenance of heavy transfer cart in previous articles. This time, I will briefly analyze the cause of the problem of the left and right swing that occasionally occurs after using the heavy transfer carriage for a period of time, for your reference:
1.The positioning angle of the front wheel of the heavy transfer vehicle is incorrect.
2.The pressure of the front tire of the heavy transfer trolley is too high, too low, or the tire is unbalanced due to repair.
3.The deformation of the front wheels or the number of tire bolts varies.
4.The components of the electric flat car transmission system are loosely installed.
5.The drive shaft of the electric flat car is bent and the operation is unbalanced; the front shaft is deformed.
6.Electric flat car shock absorber fails, front leaf spring stiffness is inconsistent; frame deformation, loose rivets or front axle deformation.

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